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Hardwood Floor Care Services

HardWood Floor Care Services

Wax Removal

If your hardwood floors have lost their original shine due to the presence of wax buildup, it may be necessary to have them stripped. Standard floor cleaning products can leave behind a residue and create a hazy film on hardwood surfaces. At KAV Services, we specialize in removing wax and restoring your hardwood floors to their former beauty.

Don't let wax buildup tarnish the beauty of your wood floors. At KAV Services, we specialize in removing wax from hardwood, engineered, and laminate floors without causing damage or creating a messy situation. Our meticulous and easy process ensures the removal of the majority of wax, restoring the shine and aesthetic quality of your wood floor. So, reach out to us now and witness our effective approach in action.

Clean and Scrub

Scrubbing hardwood floors is essential for maintaining their pristine appearance and ensuring their long-term durability. Over time, dirt, debris, and spills can become embedded in the wood grain, causing discoloration and potential damage. When you do scrubbing, you can effectively remove stubborn stains, and deep-seated dirt, restoring the natural beauty of your floors.

When it comes to properly scrubbing and cleaning hardwood floors, KAV Services leave no stone unturned! Our expertise ensures that your hardwood floors remain shiny and clean and retain their original beauty. With proper scrubbing and cleaning, we'll extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors and avoid costly repairs or replacements further. The advanced cleaning methods that we carry out effectively remove deeply embedded dirt and debris that gradually deteriorate the floors. With our protective finish, your wood floors will boast a streak-free shine, making them look as good as new.

Wood Floor Refinishing & Cleaning

Hardwood floors are a preferred option for modern homeowners due to their enduring charm and resilience. While regular at-home cleaning is crucial, professional hardwood floor cleaning from KAV Services ensures long-term protection for your investment. Our industry-leading wood floor cleaning process combines deep cleaning and polishing in order to revive the exquisite appearance of your wood floors.

With the utilization of advanced dust-free equipment, our process minimizes the disturbance and environmental impact caused by a floor refinishing project in your home. We effectively prevent the dispersion of dust particles and create a cleaner and more controlled environment throughout the entire process. So, whenever your hardwood floors require assistance, reach out to the skilled team of KAV Services, where our experts will ensure that your home's flooring achieves its optimal appearance.

Cleaning and Buffing Service

Even with your regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, it's quite challenging to completely eliminate the grime and allergens embedded within the cracks of your hardwood floors. That's why the expertise of a hardwood cleaning service is invaluable. At KAV Services, we employ high-performance industrial hardwood cleaning equipment to efficiently extract dirt and allergens from intricate wood grains, delivering a comprehensive and effective cleaning solution.

The process of cleaning and buffing hardwood floors is not that harsh, but having the appropriate tools is crucial to eliminate dirt and grime effectively. Our result-oriented cleaning and buffing method will swiftly rejuvenate your wood floors, returning them to a splendid condition. While other cleaning companies fall short, our team excels in the art of revitalizing hardwood surfaces. The specialized knowledge of our cleaners is the secret behind preserving the timeless allure of your floors. Trust us to deliver exceptional care and unlock the breathtaking beauty that lies within your hardwood floor.

Screen and Recoat Service

A screen and recoat process eliminates old, lackluster floor wax, polish, and minor imperfections like paint splatters and surface scratches in an effective manner. However, it is important to note that deep scratches, dents, sun fading, water damage resulting in dark black spots, and most pet stains cannot be remedied through this method.

This service is a practical solution for revitalizing a floor that is still in reasonably good condition but beginning to exhibit signs of wear. Going for a screen and recoat can prolong the floor's attractive appearance, allowing you to postpone a complete sanding and refinishing for approximately three to five years, depending on the level of foot traffic. We use specialized pads and gently remove the uppermost layer of polyurethane from hardwood floors and apply a fresh coat of polyurethane. This procedure revitalizes the hardwood floors and eliminates surface scratches and minor flaws. We promise that your hardwood floors will regain their stunning beauty swiftly and effortlessly.

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