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  • Comprehensive Solution
    For All Commercial
    Cleaning Needs

  • Comprehensive Solution
    For All Commercial
    Cleaning Needs

  • Comprehensive Solution
    For All Commercial
    Cleaning Needs


About Us

Karen and Antonio established KAV Commercial Cleaning Services in June 2019, propelled by their dissatisfaction with their full-time jobs and their ambition to pursue a greater calling. While Karen brought expertise in sales and administration, Antonio brought previous experience in janitorial work as well as administration. Their initial client, worth $80 per month, was a source of elation for the couple. As they continued to attract additional clients, Karen and Antonio balanced full-time jobs with running their business, leaving home at 6:00 AM and returning at 6:00 PM, before departing again for evening janitorial jobs. By mid-2020, they had hired their first employee and were resolute in creating a safe and positive work environment for both their team members and clients. This involved compensating employees beyond the minimum wage, providing English classes, and utilizing advanced technology for efficient cleaning services. KAV upholds the “Golden Rule” and treats everyone with respect and dignity, and strives to deliver outstanding service while retaining a small business ethos that enables them to provide bespoke attention to their clients, while implementing cutting-edge innovations and technologies akin to those of larger companies.



What We’re Offering

With our team of extensively trained professionals, time-tested janitorial protocols, and exceptional solutions, we propel your property to unprecedented levels of excellence.

When the wood finish or stain on your floor wears off, our experienced team can refinish your flooring, restoring its original beauty.

Why Choose Us

With our distinctive management and communication tools, we are able to swiftly identify and address issues, provide on-site support to our cleaners, and keep track of supply orders and inventory in real-time.

Company Culture

Our team is thorough, driven, and committed to the work they do. We take pride in our open communication style, friendly co-workers, team-oriented environment, and our robust benefits and perks.


Purpose-built to set our teams up for success. We use our own software called Route to digitize the entire process from walkthroughs to job proposals. Other janitorial software’s include Swept for time tracking and scheduling, and Monday for team management.

Customer Service

Personable in house support to ensure you have a great experience. 



With our distinctive management and communication tools we are able to swiftly identify and address issue provide on-site support our cleaners.




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