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with Communication.

Join us in redefining commercial cleaning with services tailored to your needs.
Experience the dedication, expertise, and care only KAV can bring to your space.

Regional Service Coverage:

Proudly servicing California and surrounding states, we bring our exceptional cleaning services to a broader community. Discover the KAV Services difference wherever you are in the region.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

With advanced scheduling systems, rigorous staff training, and a dedicated customer service team, we ensure every clean is up to par and every communication is clear and timely.

Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning services for facilities, including corporate buildings, warehouses, laboratory buildings, healthcare facilities, and offices.

Day Porter

A team member who interacts with customers and performs cleaning duties during regular business hours.

Post-Construction Homes

Tasks involve clearing construction debris, cleaning cabinets and showers, dusting, and various other duties.

Luxury Condominiums

Our team provides thorough, discreet, high-quality cleaning, ensuring your space reflects the sophistication and elegance you deserve.

Carpet Cleaning

Bring new life to your carpets with our carpet cleaning services – reach out now for a fresher, cleaner, and healthier environment!

Strip/Wax Service

Revitalize your floors with our professional strip and wax service. Restore the shine and extend the life of your flooring!

What We’re offering

Why Choose Us

With our distinctive management and communication tools, we are able to swiftly identify and address issues, provide on-site support to our cleaners, and keep track of supply orders and inventory in real-time.


Company Culture

Our team is thorough, driven, and committed to the work they do. We take pride in our open communication style, friendly co-workers, team-oriented environment, and our robust benefits and perks.



The integration of technology in daily cleaning operations at KAV Services is a strategic decision that yields numerous benefits for both the internal team and clients. From precision and time efficiency to data-driven decision-making and enhanced communication, technology has become an indispensable ally in the pursuit of excellence in the cleaning services industry. As technology continues to evolve, KAV Services remains committed to leveraging innovative solutions to provide cutting-edge and client-centric cleaning services.


Customer Service

Personable in-house support to ensure you have a great experience.

About Us

In June 2019, driven by a shared dream and a clear vision, Karen and Antonio bid farewell to the dissatisfaction of their 9-to-5 jobs and embarked on a journey.

KAV is more than a cleaning service. It’s a place where fair wages, education, and cutting-edge technology are the norm. We believe in the “Golden Rule,” treating everyone with the utmost respect and dignity.

Our Mission

At KAV Services, our mission transcends conventional cleaning paradigms. We’re pioneers in reshaping the perception of cleaning from mundane tasks to a sophisticated blend of technology, knowledge, and meticulous systems. Beyond brooms and mops, we leverage innovation to redefine cleanliness as an art and a science.

Central to our ethos is the cultivation of respect for our team members. No longer mere janitors, they are skilled professionals integral to the creation of pristine environments. We champion a culture where their expertise is valued and recognized, fostering an environment of mutual respect and appreciation.

At the heart of our approach is unparalleled communication. We don’t just clean; we communicate with precision, ensuring our clients are not only satisfied but delighted. Join us in the pursuit of a future where cleaning is elevated, team members are respected, and communication is the cornerstone of excellence. Experience the KAV difference — where cleaning is an art, technology is a tool, and our team is the embodiment of professionalism.

What our clients say

Testimonials from satisfied clients who love working with us.

Heidi LecairHeidi Lecair
22:29 08 Dec 23
We started working with KAV Cleaning Services this year and couldn’t be happier with their professionalism and reliability. They have been extremely responsive and easy to work with. Our office building has never looked better! I would highly recommend working with them for any commercial cleaning needs.
Mario JohnsonMario Johnson
20:26 10 Mar 23
KAV does an exceptional job and is extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend them!
Debbie ClementDebbie Clement
17:41 07 Mar 23
Karen Vasquez and team are amazing. They’ve been cleaning our office for around 3 years. They never disappoint. We’ve never had any issues and they are very respectful of our personal items on our desks.
Michelle MontalvoMichelle Montalvo
00:24 14 Jan 20
Very professional/friendly staff and does an excellent job at my office. The communication is great and true to their word. I definitely noticed a difference on our floors and desk from the last cleaning company to KAV, where it felt like the last cleaning company would just dust around everything and wouldn’t really clean. We would constantly be finding things that would never be clean, from our phones, shelves, desks and conference room. Working straight 8am-5pm doesn’t leave much room to clean around ourselves but KAV has made it easy. Competitive wages and definitely worth it.
Scott FoltzScott Foltz
21:43 13 Jan 20
Cleaning Services have been exceptional in my office from KAV. Communication has been excellent, very comfortable having their team clean my office. Would recommend to any commercial company
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